Terms & Conditions

A] Introduction
This document contains important information regarding the terms and conditions, which apply to your E-Trading Account with Sachdeva Stocks. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY and retain it for future reference. Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Opening your Sachdeva Stocks E-Trading Account
To start E-Trading with Sachdeva Stocks you need to open a trading Account and a Depository (or Demat shares) Account with Sachdeva Stocks Ltd. Sachdeva Stocks's sponsors. All receipts and payments for buying and selling of shares and all commissions and charges will be posted to your trading Account . Shares which you buy and sell through the trading Account will be received in or delivered from your demat Account.

Trading account refers to the account of client maintained by SSPL in their books of accounts.

Demat account refers to the account opened by you with Depository for holding securities in electronic form. For the purpose of E-Broking through Sachdeva Stocks demat account refers to the account opened by client with Central Depository Services Limited(CDSL) through SSPL as Depository Participants (DP)

If you already have a demat Account with SSPL, then the same Account can be linked to your E-Trading Account. Just give us your Account details at the time of becoming an E-Trading customer.

Before we can make your Account operative, we require that you fill and sign all forms / agreements which form part of your Account opening kit, and supply us with all the relevant legal documents and financial information which law requires us to maintain You warrant and represent that the information that you supply in your Account Application (or other information that Sachdeva Stocks may require) is accurate and truthful. You also expressly authorize Sachdeva Stocks to obtain reports concerning your credit standing and business conduct.

If your application is approved, Sachdeva Stocks will open an E-Trading Account (an "Account") for you. We reserve the absolute right to either accept or reject your application on any grounds whatsoever and you agree that you shall not dispute the result in any manner whatsoever.

B] Investment Advice
You acknowledge that while Sachdeva Stocks does provide advice regarding the suitability or profitability of a Scrip or investment, or any other tax or legal advice it may add on from time to time, You assume full responsibility with respect to transactions in or for your Account and your investment decisions.

Sachdeva Stocks or SSPL and its officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates will have no liability with respect to transactions in or for your Account and your investment decisions.